I always enjoy getting statements about an artists particular work of project along with pictures of the work, with so many submissions that we get sometimes instead of visual stimuli, its great to also get some context to go with the work. Kwest shared this new sculpture with me last week and although aesthetically stunning it was the statement that came along with the work that really told the story. I included the text below from the artist.


“My graffiti passion has always been focused on trains. In the mid 90’s, I began paying greater attention to the history of freight train graffiti and the legends involved. Becoming more immersed in the lifestyle of the iron road, connections were made with the elements surrounding these steel giants. Riding freight, benching and hitting up monikers became a daily routine. I began the moniker of the thunder bird in late 98, symbolizing the strength and power that traveled with the train. Different from the process and aesthetic of graffiti I wanted to pay homage to those that laid out this tradition long before the introduction of the spray painted masterpieces now engulfing the system. The basis of transferring this symbol into a tangible form is to bring the thunderbird into dimensional reality. Exploring the physical construction of this creature, in process draws from the shapes and structures from my graffiti style. Like the moniker on the train, each creation evokes a unique circumstance during my timeline and experience with the rails.” Kwest


Kwest 2013 Title: genesis railkyn Medium: African padauk/American black walnut/ milled brass/ automotive coatings Size: 180″x 170″ x 22″