Fabien Castanier Gallery recently teamed up with a group of artists to create an impressive lineup of limited edition prints. The HPM Project involves artists Jon One, Defer, Risk, Speedy Graphito, Chaz Bojorquez, Rero, Tilt, and Smash 137. The hand painted multiples were introduced early this month and they are also for sale on the HPM website. It is refreshing to see quality editions being curated by a gallery that has stable of international artists.


HPM Project is an on-going collaboration and artistic venture that brings together an un-paralleled collection of limited editions. These HPM are produced exclusively for HPM Project and cannot be found anywhere else. The quality and rarity of these pieces, makes the HPM Project collection an ideal place to find the most iconic imagery from the world’s foremost urban artists.

HPM stands for hand-painted multiple, where each piece is designed, hand-pulled, and individually painted by the artist. This process offers both the unique hand-painted quality of an original, while still being part of an exclusive collection.

Every HPM begins with high quality Khadi 640g paper, handmade in India. Because every sheet of paper is produced one at a time, the individual pieces have their own unique character. The Khadi paper is made from 100% cotton rag, which has longer fibers, resulting in exceptional strength and longevity. All our sets are an edition of 8, signed and numbered by the artist. Depending on the project, an artist will either paint on the paper before or after printing the silkscreen pattern. Currently, all our HPM are approximately 30 x 22 inches.