Takahiro Yamaguchi AKA Yang02 and Kanno teamed up once again to create their second senseless drawing robot #2. The first version of the robot was similar in nature but featured a spray can as the tool of spray. The newer version features combination of water and paint sprayer allowing for more variation and a larger coverage area. Both machines serve as ways to paint nonrepresentational paintings without the hand of either artist. Although the hand and the artist might not be involved in the work the artist is definitely present. With any technique trial and error is always a part of the equation with senseless robot #2 you can see a clear progression in the robot. Mechanical spray painted marks are replaced with a more painterly washed look. Even if senseless the builders clearly had an aesthetic in mind when building the bot. All around amazing work from both artists.


Takahiro Yamaguchi aka yang02 – 2009 Tama Art University Graduate School of Design Department of Information Design area of study completion. The main keyword and character expression with the physicality, and public nature, I do the research / production activities with the substrate digital media. 2012 Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division Newcomer Award. (Seoul, Korea, etc.), I have published a number of works participate in the exhibition and festivals at home and abroad Mediacity Seoul 2012. http://yang02.org/

kanno – Produce a new representation by using a programming or (IAMAS) media representation Graduate School of Media representation Department completed electronic circuit from Musashino Art University Department of Design and Information Sciences Graduate Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, to combine the characteristics of two or more technologies: So KANNO I have been creating works aim. I have done live and using the work, kit, a work shop.

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