Doze’s solo exhibition will be closing this week and we figured it was a good time to show you a recap of the exhibition as well as remind you that you can still see the show before it ends July 31st. The exhibition was a huge success reintroducing Doze to Paris with a bang. With a large body of new works Doze brought his best to exhibit and shows us once again why he is not only a legend but a living legend. Graffuturism Paris comes to an end with a bang as Doze Green shuts it down with an anticipated Solo exhibition of new works at Openspace Gallery Paris. This was the 5th and final show to end the cycle of shows for Graffuturism Paris. Doze is a legend in many categories from painting, graffiti, to break dancing he has done it all. An important figure in the development of hip hop and graffiti New York, Doze is a cornerstone to our culture. That being said he has never relied upon his Legend status or kept the status quo. Doze has been an innovator throughout his career and is an artist I consider way ahead of his time. Doze was a graffuturist before graffuturism was even coined. Doze represents the essence of what our culture is and still is becoming. It was an honor to have him close out this series of exhibitions that Openspace has given us. The show closes this week so if you haven’t seen it already make sure you head down and see it before it closes July 31st.


From the 6th to the 31st of July, the Openspace gallery invites the artist Doze Green, one the masters of characters in graffiti and
of the first break dancers of the Rock Steady Crew. He is an historical reference of the hip-hop community. Starting graffiti and breakdance in New York in the last 70s, his work is now picture. Exhibited by the Jonathan LeVine Gallery from New york and the Lazarides Gallery from London, he presents his phantasmagorical, timeless and tribal-like artworks for the first time in France at the Openspace gallery.

Doze Green is an artist as passionate and syncretic as his painting. Known
to be one of the hip-hop world references, he combines the style of his first
graffiti and his well-known past of dancer with an energetic and spectral
painting process.

The movement is as important to him as the material he uses. In his works,
he tries to translate the metaphorical and timeless concepts that question
him. Affected by the cubism movement and his Afro-Caribbean origins,
he is also influenced by the b-boy culture and way-of-life. Doze Green
paints the duality of the human condition and tells us an emotional and
symbolical story.

Opening – Saturday the 6th of July from 5pm to 8pm
At Openspace gallery – 5 rue Alexandre Dumas (75011), in the presence of the artist.

From the 6th to the 31th – ‘NEW WORKS’ – DOZE GREEN solo show.

This exhibition is the 5th and last step of Graffuturism-Paris exhibition’s cycle organized by the Openspace gallery.