Remi Rough is the latest to drop a print with 1xrun as part of our ongoing project with them. This new Remi Rough print “If only Silence Could Speak” print released today and is already almost sold out so make sure you get to the site now. Here is a little bit about the print below.


“If you look at the subtle wash over the actual painting, it actually makes the colours within pop more than if they were at the forefront. The idea being this is that you have to try just a little harder to see it all in context, whereas if the wash wasn’t there, it would just be obvious. It’s like I took time and effort to partially destroy the painting so people could really enjoy it. If that makes any sense?

The original piece was painted early this year specifically for the expo in Milan. It was done on canvas with a mixture of spray paint, emulsion (I think you call it buff paint in the States), bitumen (roof tar), and turps. I like watching the reactions of different substances with each other. I guess the trick is to become really good at knowing what will do what and with what and when. I’m getting there…” – Remi Rough