Spring/early summer season seems to be kicking off fast with so many good shows planned. “Unfolding” is a show to watch in May as 6 members of the Agents of Change will be exhibiting new work at David Bloch Gallery Morocco. We are curious to see what the artists exhibit as the show statement references to sculpture and new materials. Looking at the preview images and knowing that Carlos Mare is in Morocco currently getting ready for the show we expect big things. Stay tuned for a full recap.


The David Bloch Gallery is proud to present Unfolding, a group show by six members of the international art collective Agents of Change, renowned for creating environmental work on a monumental scale. As well as collaborating as a collective, each artist has pursued art careers
in their own right, showing to audiences throughout the world. Each of the participating artists share a common language that originated from the graffiti art explosion in the late 70’s and early 80’s. In the following decades their work has progressed and diversified to create its own distinct and refined voice. A deep-rooted understanding of form, material and space has allowed the artist’s work to unfold, expanding outwards toward new contexts.

Unfolding showcases artists whose work incorporates a strong leaning toward plasticity – using a wide variety of media to produce work ranging from painting through to sculpture and installation. Through experimentation with new materials Unfolding will bring about an examination of new journeys and the opportunity to exploit future dialogues within a well established aesthetic.