1xrun has teamed up with a handful of the Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 lineup, which I can say is intense to say the least. Other releases by Erik Otto and Jasper Wong have sold out so make sure you dont sleep on this new release by Askew One. Askew’s newest release is a portrait of a new series of work this one titled “Beth”. A beautiful piece that once again showcases Askew’s range of aesthetics. Watch 1xrun for upcoming releases all week from Pow Wow Hawaii artists.


“This piece was painted late last year, it’s a portrait of a friend of mine – a local musician of Rwandan descent. She’s an interesting personality who exudes a strong sense of personal style. I’ve been working on these portraits of people who are the faces of the New Pacific – specifically in this region in the South Pacific where I live. It’s a dynamic region with an incredible history and a rapidly changing face. This interests me a lot. It took a few decent sessions over a few days. This is becoming my trademark portrait style, the way I use colour, like a multiple exposure or as if the image is solarised. I like the combination of aggressive spray painted lines and then very refined brushwork so the painting has a sense of both motion and depth.” – Askew