The ladies of Few and Far released this amazing video from the talented Lea Bruno as they documented their Ironlak Road trip tour. Starting in Sacramento making their way down California, and into Tijuana Mexico Few & Far managed to paint numerous murals. The all women collective/crew has been making their mark as of late, letting people know that gender shouldn’t get in the way of great art. Few and Far sets a great example for all the women out there who aspire to paint graffiti or murals. Take the time to watch this.


“Few and Far is a movement that brings together talented women who are involved in graffiti, Skateboarding and street art from all over the world. Few and Far connects women by creating social and artistic exchange, by showcasing art on the streets, on walls and in other high profile venues. Few and Far fosters and celebrates the power and expression of female street artists. Importantly, Few and Far consists of a team of open minded, highly creative, cutting edge and dedicated every day females. We seek to expand this movement with the involvement more around the globe, and hope to highlight our commitment to our craft. Also Building life long friendships.”