When we think about Saber and Revok. we think about how important each one of these artists is to our art form. Not only are they important as artists but as leaders for generations to come. Both artists have paid there dues many times over. That’s why when we heard that both artists would be exhibiting together at known gallery. We knew this was a show we had to see in person. Both artists have a rich history within graffiti, yet as many other artists have done. They have been painting and making art in the gallery setting as well. The impact that both artists have had on our scene is just one chapter in their story. The next chapter has been furthering their art to wider audiences. You could argue that might not be possible as they have already impacted so many already. This brings us to their most recent exhibitions Revok’s “Gilgamesh” and Saber’s “Beautification”.

Lets first start with the backroom which was filled with countless photo’s of Saber and Revok’s pieces from the last 2 decades. incomparable, that can sum up the amount of work this duo has put in on the streets. The pictures serve as a reminder that although in a gallery setting now, Revok and Saber will always be kings. You can put group shows upon group shows of artists together, they wouldn’t be able to touch the quality and amount of work from these artists. Respect.

When you first walk into the gallery you are welcomed by a triptych that was painted by both artists. A wall of tags and texture, layer upon layer of graffiti. A statement piece that reminds the viewer who and what these artists are about. Revok’s “Gilgamesh” side of the exhibition showcases his most recent works of art, constructed paintings built with found objects. Revok’s ability to conceptually and visually bring together the essence of his environment and experiences as a graffiti artist is the strength of his pieces. Forgotten textures and found fragments of abandoned material are cut and shaped into patterns and shapes. The geometry works well to balance the intensity of some of the textures that he works with. We really liked the move into new shapes, the movement in these new pieces worked well alongside the structured process. With “Gilgamesh” Revok builds upon his already successful body of work adding some great new directions that we know will continue to evolve.With this exhibition Revok seems to have found his place within his work and it is clear in the execution and work.

Saber’s “Beautification” section of the exhibition showcased some amazing new paintings from the artist. Working in an abstract yet representational style Saber utilized some of his signature traits in the new work. With his amazing palette and expressionistic layered tags, Saber is able to build deep and layered paintings . These are accentuated with figurative elements that add to the overall aesthetic. The figurative elements juxtaposed against the graffiti layered textures create an almost surrealist element to the paintings. Symbolic figures and perfectly placed realistic elements create a view into the mind of the artist. Abstract yet figurative, graffiti yet art, reality yet an imagined world where graffiti is alive and being destroyed. The constant reminder of the impermanence of our art form. Words in the sky fleeting. Saber creates beautiful reminders of why graffiti is more beautification than blight.

An amazing show from both artists. If you are lucky enough to be in Los Angeles stop by known gallery and witness history. If you cant make it our good friend Todd Mazer shot some beautiful photographs of Revok and Saber in action as well as the opening. Enjoy.