Sago and Tasek of Archigraff Collective recently finished this massive wall in Italy. We always appreciate when artists share projects with us, and it has been the defining reason why we are still publishing updates. In past years our voice was not reaching as far as it is today, luckily we are helping artists have a voice. With that being said instead of interpreting the wall in our words we will post the artists summary of the project.


“Since September 2008, the world has been going through a period which has proved to be one of the biggest crises of the last century from a social, cultural and financial point of view; but more than crisis, we could perhaps talk of change. Change that has significantly renewed not only market rules and relationships, but also the image of the city we live in, adding a new layer of disjointed promotional messages, incoherent architectures and media bombardment the result of which is, beyond the advantages of globalization, the cultural and visual disorder that characterizes contemporary urban spaces.

Working on the concept of image as a result of the superposition of multiple languages and materials in the city was the starting point for Wave.wall project, realized by Archigraff collective in collaboration with Artika events and the technical support of SIKKENS and IRONLAK. Analyzing the stratification of the city of Treviso, which has recently changed significantly its urban plan ,allowed us to identify the new pedestrian underpass linking the recent multifunctional complex of Treviso 2 designed by architect Mario Botta, as particularly significant.

What aroused interest in this place was not only the massive contamination of surfaces which have undergone so soon after its inauguration, but the fact that the phenomena of vandalism interests now such recent spaces, even if realized by designers with international reputation. So that here the term regeneration is perhaps misplaced, since a refurbishment has in fact already been implemented.

We might just talk about urban renewal, to be interpreted as an enrichment and repair of urban spaces in terms of a visual education.
German artist Gerrit Peters (TASEK) and Italian artist Enrico Gobbo (SAGO) have developed a mural intervention that, through a succession of letters and messages layered and mixed to each other, aims at reflecting on the loss of visual identity of the city and on the frequent disorder that characterizes the urban space that we live; a wave made more of archigraphy and communication than water, whose call is anyway metaphorically recognizable in the choice of tones of blue and emerald green on a white background. The work aims to act as food for thought to try to understand what motivates people to respect and share public space, with the ambition to demonstrate that through dialo
gue and cultural exchange, sensitizing those who live the city is definitely a concrete chance. With the philosophy of zero cubage.”