Many people ask the question why do graffiti artists tag on everything, why do they paint walls for free. There are numerous questions the un initiated as Rammellzzee would call them might ask about our artform. Why would an artist take his own time, own money for supplies, and paint something that might disappear the next day. What reward or reason could these artists have to create? We feel that as time goes by it is great to still see artists maintaining this drive through new mediums. From bombing to installations our culture continues to take action first. There is no any need to explain or justify itself.

This was a thought that came into our mind when first seeing this installation of a 11th Century Chapel in Angers France. Da Mental Vaporz crew Blo, Brusk,  Gris1, Dran, Iso, Kan, Jaws and Sowat had traveled to Angers  France to paint an installation, and had brought  fellow artist Lek. It was during the DMV installation process that the artists had stumbled upon the Chapel. If you know about Lek and Sowat, you know that they are no strangers to abandoned building installations. Fresh off their monumental Mausolee installation, you might think these artists would want to take a bit of a break. As with many of our most talented artists, this was not the case. Luckily for us they completed this masterful in situ installation and we can share it with you.

Utilizing the leftover material from the previous installation Lek constructed a massive sculptural canvas for DMV to paint. As stated in the title Lek VS DMV’s proved to be a perfect collaborative team. Showcasing the numerous talents of all artists involved the chapel was transformed into a modern monument. The black and white palette works well in the shadows and light of the chapel. All around with a powerful use of the space DMV and Lek impress. The artists show us that with action and direction you can create your own gallery anywhere.