Remi Rough, Augustine Kofie, LX One, & Steve More of the Agents of Change recently finished a monumental project that involved not only painting the largest Mural in London, but also decorating the interior of the building as well as a permanent collection of work for the Megaro restaurant. Amazing work as is expected from some of today’s most talented contemporary artists and collectives. It is great to see artists given reign over a project like this were they are able to tackle multiple duties in a overall concept. Being able to utilize there talents as artists the painters embrace the public with a large mural that brings you closer, upon entry to the inside you are able to get a more intimate moment with the work that is sometimes hard to grasp at scale. Really like this project as a whole and being able to see its final outcome.  Amazing photos courtesy of Ian Cox.


“Karpo Project: Agents of Change have completed a monumental 450m2 mural opposite St. Pancras International in Kings Cross, London. The mural, which has been painted by four members of AoC – Remi/Rough, Steve More, LX.One and Augustine Kofie – encompasses two sides of a five story Georgian building.

The mural took over two weeks to complete working from an initial design which was bounced between Los Angeles, Edinburgh, Paris and London.

From a design perspective the artists collaborated to create a single work that would utilize their different styles and perspectives to create a modern mural that integrates with the surrounding area, and emphasis Kings Cross’ status as a major gateway for international and national visitors alike.

The influence of the mural continues inside the building with a permanent collection of artworks created for the restaurant and a one of a kind reception interior designed and executed by AoC for the attached hotel.

The challenge was to create a mural that would at once enhance the complex multifaceted character of the grand Georgian building and reflect the strong modern geometry in the artists work.”