If you are anywhere close to Seattle and would like to see some great art make the trek to Flatcolor Gallery to see Christopher Derek Bruno’s Solo exhibit titled. “Seeks Proof. CDB comes from a graffiti background and now he takes the walk many of us artists have recently,  a gallery. There are many idea’s, comments, and flat out contemplation that takes place when viewing the work. It is hard to describe the work in great detail as I think it is best viewed without too much background noise or art talk. In the spirit of the work I will keep this commentary as minimal as the work. “Impressive”. I will say that as artists like Christopher Derek Bruno continue to take time away from painting walls, and put some of that energy into the studio we will continue to watch history happen in the artworld. It will be artists like CDB that help shape our next decade of art.


“SEEKS PROOF is a fundamental exploration of the line between the object and the image of the object in the mind. The artists employs a combination of both two and three dimensional works in efforts to illustrate the mental processes of perception. Using basic shapes, colors and proportions to assist the viewer in a dimensional exploration of how ones mind and eyes go about unpacking the the world before them.”