Here are some preview, and assorted images from Tanc as part of his upcoming Exhibition titled “Retrospective 2010-2011” at David Bloch Gallery. This looks to be a great show from the artist Tanc. As more and more graffiti artists transcend the walls and start to take their place in galleries we will continue to see artists such as Tanc break down the ceilings of how far a graffiti artist can take our art form. Looking at this new work from Tanc you are left with remnants and the texture of graffiti and spray paint, yet he pushes farther and deeper into conceptual and minimalist viewpoints. With a rhythmic and linear approach Tanc’s work creates a balance that is then destroyed in his more action painted circles. The contrast is a reflection of the beauty and decay of our artform. If you are in the area we suggest making the time check it out. Read the show summary below.


“TANC “Retrospective 2010-2011″ September 22 to October 23, 2011

Tanc (1979) is a musician and a fine artist, he lives and works in Paris.

Biographical element

Painter, graphic designer, composer of electronic music, Tanc is a multipurpose artist who joined the big family of graffiti ‘in 1996. Since then, his signature has been stamped on the walls of Paris, Marseille, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cairo, Shanghai, etc..

“The graffiti must travel to be seen,” he said. Influenced by the “old school” style of New York graffiti, he engage his artistic research on color, calligraphy, typography, large format and the value of the contours. his current approach, based on the feature and the brutality of the route, synthesises all the tags that cover the walls of our cities. The Art of Tanc leaves a electric vision, energy, vibration, without title, without definition, free.

The essential vibration for emotion

By focusing on rhythm, the color and the line and by exposing his art, Tanc emotions to a spectator and go to the point: the vibration of the sight and soul.

The Premier instinct to the research of classical pictorial

He signs his paintings Tanc as he signed the walls with tags during his adolescence, from the beginning of the movement. This discipline is the first outlet of an instinctive need for expression: he appropriates the urban space, shouting his name to the city with force. But the immediacy creative soon gives way to a pictorial research accomplished.

Name to abstraction: the revelation of the essential

His earliest paintings on canvas are a signature fondue in a bottom monochrome. Already, tone on tone on a deep material, irregular and almost mineral, the name begins to fade. Soon, the letters disappear and Tanc engages in a formal abstract research. By focusing his work on the line and color, he renews the classic pictorial research by confronting it with the liveliness of the first street art: a balance of action, perfection of gesture, accepting the hazard and the expression of a strong singularity.

The baring of emotion

In his latest compositions, though abstract and deliberately minimalist and refined, he portrays himself by revealing his actions, his personality, and letting his emotions show through and his history through his techniques. This exposure inspires also his installation, especially in situations where he places his works among his personal effects when he uses his tools or even as material as to bring the viewer into the heart of his intimacy and his creation process.
Above all, his works are striking in their intensity, musicality and the vibration of light and matter. The action, the energy and the emotion of the artist affect the viewer in the most sensual, intimate and immediate.”