Another amazing Moment at Made as they brought together 3 artists Jaybo Monk, Erykah Badu, and Miki’s String Quintet to collaborate and inspire each other through each others art and music. The concept behind Made is something that one might dream up as an artist, one of those what if conversations you have while talking about art and music. For Made to have made this possible is amazing in itself, but to be able to bring in another huge name like Eryka Badhu makes it that much more rewarding. The collaborative nature and fusion that takes place between classical, contemporary and fine art is unmatched in any project that I have ever seen. Not only have they been able to execute these once in a lifetime moments, they have done so with some of the most amazing talent in the world in their own arena. The talented Jaybo Monk is at his finest moment in the work he has made for these projects as well as Miki’s String Quintet being able to effectively interpret a whole other musical language into their own. Amazing. Well done Made and all the artists involved.


“MOMENTS at MADE – a journey of inspiration and artistic reinvention, with the continuation of the artistic circle of one artist inspiring another artists inspiring another artist… and creating a MOMENT.

We had the pleasure of having violinist & composer Mihalj “Miki” Kekenj’s string-quintet and painter Jaybo back again with us; and were honored to welcome the free spirit and beautiful talent of Erykah Badu to MADE, and into our hearts.

the creative process…
In the weeks leading up to last week, a selection of Erykah’s songs were translated and recomposed into classical string pieces by Miki, while inspiring Jaybo to create a visual manifestation of her music and lyrics in the form of a painting.
This journey culminated with the presentation of Jaybo’s art piece and the magical live, acoustic performance of the recomposed songs by Erykah and the string-quintet.

It was an evening of positive energy and soulful reflection, as we were delighted to experience the next step of this journey come to life, and share it with all in attendance.
We would like to quote our friend Safia Dickersbach: “Last thursday was high temperature of passion to music and art and I still have a strong fever from it!” as we all do!”