Our newest featured artist is Clemens Behr. Behr is currently based in Berlin, but travels consistently leaving amazing installations wherever he goes. Behr creates sculpturally inspired installations in both public and interior environments utilizing found recycled ephemera as well as basic building materials. With a background in graffiti and studying as a graphic designer Behr has created a body of works in an architecturally deconstructionist style. His influences include origami, spontaneous chance and a deep interest in the environment his installations will be displayed.

I would describe his work as a realization of the progressive nature of our art form. You can see how he attacks a space or wall, leaving his impression the same way he might have left a Graffiti piece. The energy and size of his work mixed with the ephemeral state of his installations is a common theme. To be able to transform walls and space into temporary sculptures knowing they will be destroyed or taken down is something you get used to as a Graffiti artist creating public works. It’s no surprise he takes this same approach to his installations. The impromptu nature of his work reflecting at times the palette of the environment its installed in, or common everyday material found in its immediate surroundings provides the artist inspiration. I always admire when an artist’s work is able to walk the fine line of chaos, yet bring perfect moments of clarity.

Clemens Behr is a very talented artist that we look forward to watching grow.