Detail Sweden 2010

Sweden 2010

Sweden 2010

Sweden 2010

Sweden 2010

Detail Amsterdam 2010

Amsterdam 2010

Amsterdam 2010 Freight

Unknown Area Netherlands 2010

Unknown Area Netherlands 2010

Breda at hAI 2010

Breda hAI 2010

Gotherburg Sweden 2010

NDSM Amsterdam 2010

Improvise Diptych 2010

Trouw Amsterdam Graphic Surgery, Erosie, Late, Staynice

It seems The Dynamic Duo Graphic Surgery has been keeping itself busy putting out some very impressive new walls and paintings. I was lucky enough to get some new pictures from Graphic surgery to share with the site. I would watch out for some big things in 2011 coming from Graphic Surgery. There are some secret projects in the works and Graphic Surgery I’m sure will be pushing the limits as usual. Stay Tuned. If you haven’t checked out the interview we did with Graphic Surgery or want to see more of there work check the links below.

Graphic Surgery Flickr

Graffuturism Interview with Graphic Surgery

Graphic Surgery Website