Here are some Great pictures of Augustine Kofie’s Recent Solo Show at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. These shots were taken by photographer Scott la Rock who always seems to capture the work perfectly. The show titled Retrofitted & other forms of Vintage Futurism was an amazing show and if you were lucky to attend you know how great the whole body of work was. The time lapse video Kofie shot is the closest you can get to seeing the whole process, but the amount of detail in the work and the countless time I’m sure it took Kofie to collect his mix media material cannot be seen. Kofie’s installation and move into some more sculptural pieces and mix media are what really got me excited about the show. We all know Kofies ability to paint and he did not disappoint in that manner at all, but it was the triangular pieces that he assembled with collage and collected vintage material that i really enjoyed. All around a great Solo showing as Kofie did not disappoint and continues to push forward yet with a solid foot in the past as his work is a great reflection of the balance of both.

White Walls Gallery Site with Show Pricing for Artwork
Kofie One Website
Photographer Scott La Rock’s Flickr