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Preview Jurne Solo Exhibition "Diversion" at 1am Gallery

Preview Jurne Solo Exhibition “Diversion” at 1am Gallery

Jurne will opening his first ever solo exhibition in San Francisco at 1am Gallery this Friday. The show titled “Diversion” will include an impressive new body of work. Working in hand-cut wood and paper décollage the artist creates intricate letter based works. The attention to detail and amount of hours put into each piece is...
Artist Feature Daniel "Decertor" Cortez

Artist Feature Daniel “Decertor” Cortez

  “I maintain principally a figurative language [i.e. painting people], but for me the paint itself has stopped being only a “painting for the street”. I started to understand it as part of the urban landscape, like a unit which is part of the composition of the whole.”   “The idea is to always have...