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Max Rippon "W.O.W. (What Once Was)" Solo exhibition

Max Rippon “W.O.W. (What Once Was)” Solo exhibition

  Max Rippon opened his latest solo exhibition at AF Gallery in Cologne, Germany last week. The exhibition titled “W.O.W. (What Once Was) focuses on Max’s letter based works this time with some interesting additions. W.O.W. is a contradiction of aesthetics, mediums and processes. The analog hand painted sign work is contrasted against finished digital...
Walls Update Ripo

Walls Update Ripo

Ripo “Anyway You Cut It” Ripo “Shutdown House Of Representatives” Berlin Ripo & Stohead “From The Field to Your PLate” Ripo & Jchmix “Float”   Here is a fresh set of walls from Ripo and some Friends. It is always refreshing seeing Ripo paint his letterbased work in the streets. Choosing to work in a...
Video "Time wastes for nobody" feat. Ripo and She One by Pablo Aravena

Video “Time wastes for nobody” feat. Ripo and She One by Pablo Aravena

Time wastes for nobody – feat. Ripo and She One – A short film by Pablo Aravena from Pablo Aravena on Vimeo. Pablo Aravena shot a this short film about painting letter and abstract graffiti in an abandoned factory near Barcelona. The film features She one and Max Ripo in the process of painting. She...