painted this portrait in tribute to fellow crew member Nekst in Detroit. Here is was he had to say below about the portrait.


“Today I just finished this tribute to my friend Nekst in Detroit. Pose suggested this photo that KC Ortiz took as the basis for the work and I also incorporated his tag into the background. This is almost entirely painted in chrome, black and red Rustoleum bucket paint that Nekst left behind in Revok’s studio. The first time I really got to know Nekst he had me loading so many buckets of this paint into the trunk of a rental car we drive from Chicago to Detroit. I don’t now if these were some of the same buckets left over from then or not. Revok had the idea to do it this way and I think it was an incredible idea. I had a lot of help from heaps of people to make this happen, Revok, my partner Livi, who did a lot of filling this in with a little brush, Jesse and the 1XRun team who helped me find the wall and get a lift and also Miss Maddy and Deshawn who are from the business inside. They understood 100% the importance of this wall and trusted me to do it in a way as true to Nekst as I could.” – Askew One