Italian artist 108 recently returned from Poznan, leaving behind a massive mural as well as a bonus collaborative mural with 2501. The Mural was painted as part of the Outerspaces Festival that now takes place each year in Poland. Out of darkness 108 creates form, transforming color that gives us a glimpse of hope. The work of 108 is open to interpretation and enables the gaze of the viewer to contemplate its meaning. It is this placement of an abstract image at a large scale painted in a public place that garners conversation from the citizens of Poznan. The real power of public art lies somewhere in this conversation. 108 gives us a puzzle to decipher or another work of art to sit back and appreciate as you go about your day.


The idea of ​​waking Poznan from everyday life przełamywanej only annoying crap advertising has always hosted in the minds of a group of friends who decided to change it in the most (in their opinion) interfere with the appearance of the city – painting large murals.

Outer Spaces Festival is the first event of its kind in. It combines artistic activities associated with the culture of Urban art and urban renewal in the context of aesthetic and social.