Henry Lewis


FFDG opened their latest exhibition last week “Skull and Sword”. On exhibition are new works from the crew at Skull & Sword Tattoo San Francisco. Grime, Lango, Henry Lewis, and Yutaro all have painted new work for the exhibition. Although primarily working as tattoo artists the group showcased their extensive knowledge of multiple mediums, from the mix media pieces from Grime to the intricate Gouache and Spray paint pieces of Lango. An impressive exhibition of paintings and work on paper. We have been big fans of the work of Grime since his early days as a graffiti artist, and if you have visited San Francisco you more than likely have come across one of Lango’s murals. To see the group exhibit new work outside the shop, and exhibit in a gallery setting lets you see the range of these artists talents. We all get stuck in boxes by those that appreciate one of our art forms over another, it is great to see these artists shed the stereotype of a tattoo artist and engage new mediums. The show runs till June 8th make sure to stop by if you are in San Francisco.


FFDG opened up the group show featuring original works by the artists of the world famous Skull & Sword tattoo last Friday here in San Francisco. Thanks to the huge crowd who turned out to support these four incredibly talented artists. Here is a taste of the show, and be sure to swing in to view in person. The show runs through June 8th.