Lokiss opened his latest solo exhibition in Paris at Galerie Lavignes in a show titled “Wild Gonzo Style”. Lokiss is a legend and pioneer who started writing graffiti around 1985 in France. A multidisciplinary artist who’s arsenal of mediums is not limited to walls, and canvases. In this particular show he works under one of his original aliases Lokiss, which leads us believe that the body of work would focus on the artists graffiti origins. This is also referenced in his title of the show Wild Gonzo Style. Lokiss a wild style veteran who’s graffiti walls and style is an intense version of wild style, abstract and aggressive. Lokiss pioneered a aggressive and abstract take on graffiti early on in his graffiti career. Now as he transfers this aesthetic onto canvas the work does not lose any of its intensity. Deconstructed letter forms bordering on Chaos and confusion, yet with enough structure through color and composition to create some moving images. The steel canvases and industrial feel add to the texture and creates a weight to the work. His use of Airplanes on the work makes reference to the war like characteristics of wildstyle. Below is the artist speaking more in depth about the shows title and concept. Overall an impressive exhibition with a substantial amount of work that is a must see for anyone in Paris.


“‘WILD GONZO STYLE” TITLE EXPLAINED BY THE AUTHOR TO SPECTATORS. WILD STYLE entanglement is the most extreme forms and letters in the graffiti culture. It is the writing that deconstructs. This is the meaning of that turns to anamorphosis, escapes towards abstraction, and chooses the illegibility voluntary. It mocks the letter or squirt it makes to become a body ready to fight and enjoy. It should be onstage and continually violate the scriptures automatic.

Graffiti what? Hackneyed chorus of the last century … Must reinvent everything and especially do not hesitate to holler if you want to breathe. The crowds marched in unison. They will remove dictatorships and first artistic boundaries. Then paste a GONZO in the middle of the battle between the savage and the style was proceed further advantage of the fire. The logic of emotions in. Or Unlike their non-linearity.
When we say GONZO, it says Ultra subjectivity ‘. Okay, this is included in the creative process. Whatever. It is also sometimes GONZO rhyme with porn, and we think an expression brutal, raw and raucous. And here is the connection without forcing the foundation of WILD STYLE.

Arrogant. Violent. Animal. Hardcore.

Best and / or worst.

Baseless. Precisely. WILD STYLE always ends up betraying and first himself.




” Lokiss

Lokiss – Artist multi-form, lives and works in France. His field of departure is that ‘wave’ of graffiti culture. His work wall is published in numerous publications dealing with this culture. However, on a aesthetic level, the classical model is embodied in the work of the painter František Kupka. His work will soon be exhibited in a solo exhibition at the gallery Lavignes Bastille in April 2013, and in a duo exhibition with Daim (D) entitled Abstraction 21 ‘in September 2013 at the Galerie Helene Bailly. Also, he has participated in the implementation of the feature film ‘Vandal’ led Hélier Cisterne, and this, in the form of tens of very broad murals (out September 2013). Under another pseudonym of Vincent Elka, his work essentially uses new media and video. He won an award in the Interactive Arts Ars Electronica (Linz – Austria) in 2006 with the work ‘Sho (u) t’. This work has been disseminated in the major festivals worldwide media participatory. More recently he has been led to fully complete an video audio installation for the exhibition ‘Exhibition – The invention of the savage’ the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris. Under another pseudonym Ana Vocera, he has developed several platforms writing and creating music on the net. Vincent Elka has created and directed the art venue called LA PLACE FORTE from 2010 to 2012.