I was lucky enough make the opening of Vogue One‘s solo show at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco yesterday. I had talked to Vogue last month about his upcoming solo show. I was excited for the Bay Area Legend to finally get his chance for a solo exhibit in gallery event like this. Vogue has been a personal inspiration for me since i first picked up a can years ago. Vogue considered to many a true legend who is a very talented artist, he has always maintained a strong street presence as well as being a great painter. There aren’t many writers that can transition from painting photo realistic portraits like his Girls of the late eighties and early nineties, to also holding down freeways with throw ups and tags. Vogue did it all, and to this day still maintains a dynamic range of styles. When Vogue told me about his show, I was curious to see what his gallery work would look like. Walking into the show I was blown away with his photo realistic paintings all done with spray paint and in a traditional style. No stencils just skill. Vogue took this old school approach to his work. I was impressed with the detail he was able to achieve in his paintings using this approach. Vogue took us back in his paintings paying homage to his signature girls in some portrait paintings. These brought me back to those old memories of the Vogue Girls, as we used to call them. He also brought some childhood 80’s themes out his Pac Man, rubik’s cube, and BMX bike paintings. The train paintings where my favorite, and in person you cant take your eyes off of them. Vogue really came through with a very well executed group of paintings in this exhibit. Not only was the work painted perfectly, the themes, the compositions, and the personal iconography really hit home. We don’t get to show a lot of photo realist work on this site. Vogue’s work fits our definition well. A great example of a true legends transition into the art world and his evolution as an artist. I hope to see more work from Vogue in this context and setting in the future. I love his walls and murals but its great to see an artist with so much history, and also one who has paid his dues rise to another level in a tremendous showing of this caliber. Respect!


Gallery Info

AM Gallery

1000 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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Tuesday to Saturday: 12:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

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