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Preview "Concrete Alphabets" Group Exhibition 886 Geary Gallery

Preview “Concrete Alphabets” Group Exhibition 886 Geary Gallery

Zepha- Vincent Abadie Hafez Defer Niels Shoe Meulman Faust Stohead Rostarr “Every victory of the young has been a victory over words. Every victory over words has been a fresh, young victory..” Isidore Isou Concrete Alphabets is a group exhibition that brings together 6 contemporary artists working in the medium of analog painting, all of...
Group Exhibition "Every Letter Counts" at White Walls Gallery

Group Exhibition “Every Letter Counts” at White Walls Gallery

  I had the pleasure of attending White Walls Gallery San Francisco’s latest Group Exhibition “Every Letter Counts”. The exhibition focused a theme around the alphabet, inviting wide range of artists to interpret and paint one letter each in the alphabet. A wide sample of mediums by some of today’s top names in the urban...
Alex "Defer" Kizu, Mist & Smash 137 "Between The Lines" at Fabien Castanier Gallery

Alex “Defer” Kizu, Mist & Smash 137 “Between The Lines” at Fabien Castanier Gallery

We had a chance to stop by the Fabien Castanier Gallery and see the “Between the Lines” exhibition featuring new work from Alex “Defer” Kizu, Mist, and Smash 137. The international 3 man show featured wall mural installations as well as work on canvas. This was my first time seeing Mist and Smash 137’s work...
Part2ism "Word Power" speaking about Wildstyle

Part2ism “Word Power” speaking about Wildstyle

  Part2ism recently updated his website with an article titled “Word Power”. The article has gives us a his insight and thoughts on Wild style Letterform. There are great quotes from the legendary Phase 2 and Ramm:Ell:Zee in the article. It is a great must read for anyone looking to get some insight into the...
Walls update Gris 1 DMV

Walls update Gris 1 DMV

Gris 1 from the Da Mental Vaporz crew has been busy in 2013 painting walls. He has been updating his new walls on his Flickr page. Here is a set of his recent walls that display Gris different styles and letters. GF
Walls Update DOES Loveletters Crew

Walls Update DOES Loveletters Crew

Photo Florian Krause   We have appreciated the work of Does from the Loveletters Crew for awhile now. An amazing talent with a strong foundation in letter form and color. Does pushes his foundations in letter form to create intense murals. Does, almost too perfect at times is able to balance the letter form with...
Ken Davis “It’s Alive! Hellbent for Letters” Solo exhibition

Ken Davis “It’s Alive! Hellbent for Letters” Solo exhibition

Ken Davis – It’s Alive from Taylor Morgan on Vimeo. Ken Davis will be exhibiting tomorrow at Empire Seven Studios in the Bay Area. Check out this short trailer of Ken Davis painting a Sign for the Gallery. Ken Davis is not only a talented sign painter but an established artist who will be showcasing...