I had the pleasure of attending White Walls Gallery San Francisco’s latest Group Exhibition “Every Letter Counts”. The exhibition focused a theme around the alphabet, inviting wide range of artists to interpret and paint one letter each in the alphabet. A wide sample of mediums by some of today’s top names in the urban genre “Every Letter Counts” delivered something for everybody. Working from sculpture, type based, abstract, graphic, and several other aesthetics each artist was able to utilize the subject matter and bring their own vision . An impressive exhibition that showcased the range of the group of artists at the same time showing us how the Alphabet can be as good of a subject for art as anything else.


Photos courtesy of Brock Brake

Alphabet Show: Every Letter Counts
May 10 – June 7, 2014

White Walls is pleased to announce the Alphabet Show: Every Letter Counts, a group exhibition featuring works by:

APEX, Remi Rough, Cyrcle, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Greg Gossel, Jet Martinez, Mike Shine, Poesia, TL_tv, Adam Ziskie, Helen Bayly, Meryl Pataky, Chad Hasegawa, Sergio Garcia, New Bohemia Signs, Ben Eine, Cope2, Mike Tyau, Alvaro Rozan, and Natalia Rak.