Part2ism recently updated his website with an article titled “Word Power”. The article has gives us a his insight and thoughts on Wild style Letterform. There are great quotes from the legendary Phase 2 and Ramm:Ell:Zee in the article. It is a great must read for anyone looking to get some insight into the mind of a writer. Part2ism was a good friend to the late Ramm:Ell:Zee and is able to effectively hit key points and pull interesting quotes from Ramm:Ell:Zee. The feature showcases a normally hidden part of graffiti’s written documentation and allows you to read just how well spoken these legends were. Part2’s article brings into light some of the motivation behind Graffiti’s use of the letter form. He also hits on some key points referencing our role in contemporary art , which I feel needs more elaboration for future articles. I hope we are able to get back to this discussion at some point in the future. Here is a quote from the artist.

“In the same way ‘myth’ transcends a concept behind the rhetoric of an image with the use of a textual interjection, myth can also transcend the letter into a pure abstract language, a meta-language. Also, I must ask the question, what exactly is a contemporary art scene that cannot understand or relate to a world seen through the eyes of it’s own people, living in the heart of chaos left in the aftermath of a post-modernist world? Well informed writers already know how to transcend the letter and language, and split it’s linguistic atoms to produce a pure universal abstract form.” Part2ism

This leads me to another observation that is exemplified in this quote from another article we recently read. “The first thing I would note in observing what it behind us is the inexplicable gap between the fantastic accomplishments and powerful impact of writing’s complex art worlds on urban social reality, compared with the amount of academic print that attempts to narrate its movements across time or understand its significance in contemporary life.” from Academics don’t Write Joe Austin. Part2ism’s essay is an example of writers writing on their artform and we appreciate this contribution to the documentation and continued dialogue. Make sure you read the full Article on Part2ism’s site HERE.