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Mearo and Ghetto Farceur

Mearo and Ghetto Farceur

Mearo Mearo Mearo JXKS JXKS Neist Bems Bems Mearo RKR When i first ran across the work of Mearo and his Crew Ghetto Farceur from France, it took me a minute to digest the work. I think what attracted me to the work is that as i dug deeper i started to see a wide...
Remi Rough Interview

Remi Rough Interview

If you haven’t come across of the work of Remi Rough recently you might be living under a rock. This London based Artist seems to have his hands in everything from murals, galleries, music and running one of the most groundbreaking projects out there Agents of Change. A true Renaissance man, although he might disagree...


I had been seeing Mes’s work for awhile and admiring his work, i was able to paint with him on a wall in San Francisco last year and collaborate first hand with this painting monster. A great guy and a up and coming American Artist i just wanted to share him with the Blog. What...


Antistatik sent me a couple of New pics i am amazed every time i look at his work look out for an interview coming soon from him.

Mint One Greece

I stumbled across a picture on Flickr of an Artists work from Greece Mint One, and was blown away. I had never seen any of his work but it struck a chord with me personally. It reminded me of how even as it seems a world apart similar aesthetics still resonate deeply in artists, and...

Joker Transcend BA

Joker has been a pioneer in Abstract, it goes much deeper than graffiti. His design, his canvases, his drawings are all cutting edge precise thought out masterpieces. Where he leaves space he creates form and a perfect aesthetic. He has built his career being ahead of the curve, taking chances and thinking forward, as he...

Ghost Mews Project / 10

Ghost Mews Project LX One Remi Roughe “The Swords of Spain” Steve More Detail System Juice 126 Derm Timid If you missed the Current Show from the Agents of Change at the Mews 42 gallery in London Here are some Pictures from Remi Roughe’s Flickr from the Ghost Mews Project. Show will be up till...

Futura 2000 Interview Walrus TV

"VIDEO-DESCRIPTION: Known for pioneering a more abstract style of graffiti writing, Futura played a major role in the NYCs graffiti scene of the 70s. As the popularity of graffiti art flared in the 70's and 80's, Futura's work was shown alongside artists such as Basquiat and Keith Haring. As his style developed, he began designing,...

Interview with Kaso

I had the chance to Interview Kaso an Italian Artist that also runs the website When first viewing Kaso’s work it struck me as having a deep genuine feel to it, this feeling is what drew me to his style. Coming from America i am always intrigued on the mindset of other abstract graffiti...

Codak New Mural and Work “This Hits Official”

Codak will be showing some New work in the Grand Opening Show. Here are some links to the Gallery and Codak’s Site as well. Codak’s Site HoldupArt’s Site


Ran across French Artist Swiz’s Flickr account and it blew me away here is some of his work. Here is his Flickr


Amazing Artist From France Antistatik doing his thing, big things to come from this Kid you can check out his Website here Pics Via Streetfiles