I had the chance to Interview Kaso an Italian Artist that also runs the website abstractgraffiti.net. When first viewing Kaso’s work it struck me as having a deep genuine feel to it, this feeling is what drew me to his style. Coming from America i am always intrigued on the mindset of other abstract graffiti Artists from around the world. Here a some excerpts from a brief interview i did with Kaso.

What do you write and how long have you been involved in graffiti?

Hi, first of all thanks for your interest in my work. My name is KASO (I Gibbi Writers Crew), from Italy. I have been involved in graffiti since 1994.
I used to write all the letters for my name, but over many years I began to draw just one letter “K” and nowadays no letters at all, mainly abstract shapes and geometrics.

Who were your first influences, and how did you transition into a more abstract style?

Abstract style has been a normal evolution for me. Since the beginning of my graffiti history I was interested in deconstructing my letters, and playing with negative spaces and geometrical shapes. My influences come from different sources, mainly from geometrical/abstract artists pattern design, and of course from great graffiti writers from USA like Vulcan, Phase 2, Futura 2000, BG183 and many more.

How has your local scene embraced your style?

I would say it depends. I have support and have had a positive exchange with many street artists, and graffiti artists in Europe. Usually they are people who like to experiment, and do not have too many style/technical taboos. But I have also had to face tough criticism and various concerns from others. Dialogue and confrontation has helped me to grow i feel.

Looking at your website you seem to be very involved with different writers, and seem to do a large amount of collaborations how has this come about and do you always approach walls with a group mentality?

Maybe my website has overestimated me. I usually paint with friends, for me it is important to have a good time. Knowing the people, being inspired and inspiring creativeness. I approach my paintings mainly as an individualistic mentality.

How would you describe your style?

Composition, Geometric, Abstraction, Improvisation, Details.

You seem to have created a couple of interesting projects with your art, tell me about the regenerative project and Fibonacci graffiti?

Regenerative Graffiti is an experimental project, it is all about creating new shapes of Graffiti from previous Graffiti artworks. Regenerative Graffiti modifies color schemes, visual patterns and reinvents new compositions, it makes abstract shapes and reinvents the visual urban landscape over time. I hope to make people to think about recycling, and reinterpreting Graffiti as well as breaking some Taboos.

Regarding Fibonacci Graffiti, it is project that brings mathematics schemes in the world of Street/Graffiti Art.
It has the intent to create new visual pattern and harmony in the urban space using mathematical rules.
If you would like see some pictures and examples visit: Regenerative and

I can really appreciate that point about the Regenerative Project. I commend what you are doing and i know it could look like disrespect to some artists that you incorporated there piece into a transformed brand new piece of art. This project is something that i might try my self, ill make sure to give you credit when i do. Is there any other projects or directions you are currently working on?

Sounds great you would like to try the Regenerative Graffiti, I am very pleased the project is open to anyone. I already know of a couple of artists who are trying it in Italy and the Czech Republic. If you like send me your regenerative pictures I would be curios to have a look. Other than that at the moment I have no other projects.

You run a site called Abstractgraffiti.net what was the idea behind that and is that something you do for yourself?

Abstractgraffiti.net is my personal selection of out street/graffiti artists. It is a modest attempt to promote Graffiti and Street artists, with dedicated attention to underground and experimental projects.

Nice, What do you think about American Abstract Vs European Abstract, Having been involved in American abstract Painting for some time I have seen that we have had highs, lows, and trends. Abstract Graffiti seems to be more prevalent in Europe currently more than America. Was it always like this and why do you think that is the case?

I know little about American Abstract scene. Recently I have been looking to some artists from America and I have seen really cool stuff. Regarding European Abstract I agree with you. I can say a lot of artist are involved with Abstract shapes and experimentation here. I guess probably for cultural and historical reasons. Europe has a long history in Abstract Art and Abstract Expressionism also has radiated deeply and in connection with Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism.

Have you showed your Art in any Galleries, or any commercial work?

Yes, but just in few occasions, it was mainly for fun and experience, no money involved. As for now I would like keep my art without any commercial compromise, painting mainly freely outdoor, for myself and my friends and whom is interested. I don’t care or want to make a living from it.

I termed the word “graffuturism” as attempt to try to explain some part of our Art, give me a definition of what this word would mean to you. I’m going to collect as many definitions as possible before settling if ever on one.

I like your choice “graffuturism”.
It reminds me of the infinite evolution. “graph” reminds me of the original graffiti style, letters in different style, and “futurism” the evolution without boundaries maybe limitless abstraction?

I like that definition it will become one of infinite attempts to define the impossible. I appreciate you taking the time to answer the questions i know English isn’t your first language so i know this wasn’t the easiest interview for you. Any shout outs or last words?

As last words let me say hello and a big thanks for support to:
Olouch, my Crew I Gibbi Writerz (Tibo, Uez, Pam, Laid).

Ciao Kaso.

Here are some Links

Kaso’s Website