Sever recently launched his new website Toprotectandever last month. The new website showcases many of the artist’s images, that are for the first time available to the public. Focusing on paintings as well as recent projects and murals the website effectively documents Sever’s recent body of work. Sever has established himself over the past 2 decades as an great graffiti artist, painting some of the cleanest and technically sound styles. Part of the MSK crew Sever has made his presence known in the streets for some time. With these new ideas we see Sever push into new territory and imagery. He has moved into a more illustrative style with witty remarks and satirical imagery. His paintings are honest remarks on today’s society utilizing his skills as a painter to punctuate clever themes. Sever is able to effectively use imagery and type to create effective messages in his murals and paintings. He has also been able to keep many of his paintings and murals under wraps for some time, it is great to see him release these images in the new site. Sever’s new site is definitely worth adding to your RSS Feed.