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Recap and Interview with Graphic Surgery "Contra" Solo Exhibition

Recap and Interview with Graphic Surgery “Contra” Solo Exhibition

GF: Tell us about Contra the title of the show I know you mention that it is inspired by the ‘Contra Composities’ of Theo van Doesburg. GS: We are interested in different contradictions such as positive negative, black and white, order and chaos, in and out, left and right, shape vs space. Yin and Yang...
Photo Recap "Urbanism" Group Exhibition Russia

Photo Recap “Urbanism” Group Exhibition Russia

Aber Alexei Kuznetsov Aske Misha Most Morik Petro Niels Shoe Muelman Slak Zmogk “Urbanism” hosted by the Museum of Moscow opened last month and we finally have gotten our hands on a set of photographs from the exhibition. The exhibition one of the first of its kind in Moscow at the Museum included 7 Russian...
New Works Update Sdkaroe

New Works Update Sdkaroe

Sdkaröe shared with us a set of pictures of his most recent exhibition as part of “In your face 2014”. The German artist experimented with a series of work on glass that layered geometric shapes in secession creating a 3 dimensional painting 2 dimensional when viewed at the right angle. We have seen similar works...
Zuk Club Skatepark Mural installation

Zuk Club Skatepark Mural installation

Moscow based Art Group Zuk Club shared this impressive skatepark they recently painted with us. What at first seems like a normal geometric mural installation transforms into much more at a closer look. Read the text below explaining in detail behind the concept of the project. GF Moscow art-group known as Zukclub have done the...
Recap Felipe Pantone Solo Exhibition "PERPETUUM MOBILE" at STUDIO55 TOKYO

Recap Felipe Pantone Solo Exhibition “PERPETUUM MOBILE” at STUDIO55 TOKYO

  Felipe Pantone made his Tokyo debut with “Perpetuum Mobile” at Studio55. An ambitious effort with work ranging from sculptural installation, work on paper, wall paintings, and mix media pieces Pantone established a mixture of mediums. The title and concept references the elusive perpetuum mobile or Perpetual Motion described as “motion that continues indefinitely without...
Petro and Slak Aesthetics Group "Dualism" at Streetkit Gallery

Petro and Slak Aesthetics Group “Dualism” at Streetkit Gallery

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }     Your vision will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung Presented by The StreetKit Gallery Moscow, ‘Dualism’ by Graffuturists Petro and Slak of the Aesthetics Group, will be running from Friday 15th until 18th...
*Update Recap Augustine Kofie "Yesterday's Advance" at Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico DF

*Update Recap Augustine Kofie “Yesterday’s Advance” at Celaya Brothers Gallery, Mexico DF

  *Update Here is a set of opening night photos of the opening courtesy of Adél Koleszár Augustine Kofie was in residence recently in Mexico not only painting a mural but also getting ready for a solo exhibition that will open tomorrow. In his most recent solo exhibition Yesterdays Advance, Augustine Kofie will exhibit new...
Weekly Walls Update

Weekly Walls Update

Kofie in Milan Wow 123 Sepe MAFIA and TABAK 2014 Velvet and Swiz picture Via Swiz Olson OnOFF Nelio with Sam Buenos Aires ABCDEF Jens Besser Slicer pic via Nicky Latlas pic via Brin damour Pantone SatOne Boa One Here is another set of walls over the last week. Please email submissions to or...
Wall Update Remi Rough and 2501 in London

Wall Update Remi Rough and 2501 in London

2501 visited London and teamed up with Remi Rough to collaborate on this beautiful wall. Ying and yang as far as form yet perfectly able to contrast each other. Its always great to see top tier artists build something together with collaborations. GF
Zedz New Work Tokyo

Zedz New Work Tokyo

We have been very busy so we apologize for not showing you this work soon, yet it is always better late than never and with Zedz recent work well worth the wait. Zedz exhibited new work for an art fair in Tokyo as well at 104.5 café in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. Zedz one of the early...
Mural Update Proembrion 'Modular Sequence'

Mural Update Proembrion ‘Modular Sequence’

Proembrion continues to experiment with Glitch and experimental abstract compositions based on manipulating numbers and digital sequences. In his most recent mural “Modular Sequence” Proembrion captures in analog one of these digital experiments. In the artists words “The 64×64 pixel composition was selected from the results of crossing variations of simple images. The RGB-Colored Modular...
Matt W. Moore introduces "Core Deco" 2014 Collection

Matt W. Moore introduces “Core Deco” 2014 Collection

  Matt W. Moore has kept himself busy outside of murals and paintings. MWM has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into his “Core Deco” 2014 Collection. Since 2011 MWM has teamed up with talented artisans to extend his design reach to products that you can live with and use. Core Deco has...