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Mural Update SatOne "Brutal"

Mural Update SatOne “Brutal”

Love this new mural from Satone “Brutal”. An intense composition with deconstructive energy but also spelling out Brutal with readable font. The mural was painted in Germany on an abandoned slaughterhouse thus, possibly the reference to the title. Amazing work! GF
Preview Sowat solo exhibition "Ars Longa Vita Brevis"

Preview Sowat solo exhibition “Ars Longa Vita Brevis”

Sowat opens his first solo exhibition with RICHARD & LE FEUVRE Gallery from Switzerland. THe exhibition titled “Ars Longa Vita Brevis” which loosely translates to Art is Long, Life is Short. Sowat has built himself to be one of todays leading urban contemporary artists who works most comfortably in Urbex, or Urban situations but also...
Preview Know Hope "Water Takes the Shape of its Container" at Openspace Galerie Paris

Preview Know Hope “Water Takes the Shape of its Container” at Openspace Galerie Paris

Know Hope makes his first Solo Appearance in Paris at Openspace Galerie Paris. The exhibition titled “Water Takes the Shape of its container” will feature a new body of work moving from installation, collage, assemblages and traditional drawing. Know Hope draws from all aspects of his oeuvre utilizing photographs of installations, ephemera, and natural found...
Recap RERO solo exhibition by "GATED COMMUNITY…"

Recap RERO solo exhibition by “GATED COMMUNITY…”

Rero Opened his first Solo Exhibition of 2015 at Fabien Castanier Gallery in Los Angeles over the weekend. The exhibition titled “Gated Community” showcased many familiar themes in the artists work as well as some larger installation pieces. A mixed media installation and a sculptural series of book pieces were also exhibited. The press release...
Photo Recap Fillipo Minelli "Nothing to Say" at 886 Geary San Francisco

Photo Recap Fillipo Minelli “Nothing to Say” at 886 Geary San Francisco

  Silence Shapes from Filippo Minelli on Vimeo. *Update. Here is a set of installation pictures from the installation of “Nothing to Say” Filippo Minelli’s exhibition at 886 Geary Gallery which runs until Feb 7th. We open 2015 with a preview post about Filippo Minelli’s first solo exhibition in the US as well as 886...
Thierry Furger "It was all a Dream"

Thierry Furger “It was all a Dream”

As a graffiti artist at times you are witness to a great deal of memorable moments in the street or hidden spaces that you have come across during your journeys. Its natural for a writer to explore and gain access to forgotten spaces, abandoned landscapes that become their own personal playground. Thierry Murger has captured...
Gilbert1 (DE)CONSTRUCTION @ Helene Bailly Gallery

Gilbert1 (DE)CONSTRUCTION @ Helene Bailly Gallery

Here is a recent Installation from Gilbert1. The work was part of a group exhibition that opened last week at Helene Bailly Gallery in Paris. Gilbert1 continues to use installation as a large part of his body of work connecting the abandoned material and areas he frequents. By reclaiming material found in these abandoned areas...
Sowat End of Summer Update

Sowat End of Summer Update

Sowat and Jaw Sowat and Jaw Sowat took some time off for himself exploring abandoned buildings as well as some old and new natural landscapes. Most of the work is in the south of France in undisclosed locations. The first set of pictures is a homage of sort to an old abandoned WW2 bunker Sowat...
Mural Update Graphic Surgery in Black and White

Mural Update Graphic Surgery in Black and White

Graphic Surgery, Tellas, and Ciredz Sardegna Photo Credit Christian Aschman Photo Credit Christian Aschman Photo Credit Christian Aschman Photo Credit Christian Aschman Graphic Surgery,Tellas,108,peronge, luk,moneyless, and martinamerlini We wanted to share with you some of Graphic Surgery’s recent walls. After working with the Duo we were able to get a large sample of murals, wall...
Mural Update Simek

Mural Update Simek

Here is a set of recent walls from Simek painted in Greece. The first wall painted in an abandoned building Simek utilizes the existing wallpaper on the wall to create a nice contrast to his geometric piece. The second wall also utilizes the surface of the wall creating a weathered mural that seems to have...
CT Walls Update

CT Walls Update

CT continues to put on a clinic on how to stay productive in the streets and also maintain quality work. His recent walls or interventions have popped up around Torino and southern Italy. He is establishing himself as one of todays top graffiti/urban minimalists working perfectly in sync with his environment and leaving enigmatic pieces...
Gilbert1 "HOME Project" installation

Gilbert1 “HOME Project” installation

Gilbert1 has remained busy as usual with exhibitions, and installations such as this one his most recent. The Project “Home 2014” was put together by the Mill Crew and supported by the city of Toul habitat. Here is Gilbert1’s contribution to the project as well as links below to the whole project and its page....