Know Hope makes his first Solo Appearance in Paris at Openspace Galerie Paris. The exhibition titled “Water Takes the Shape of its container” will feature a new body of work moving from installation, collage, assemblages and traditional drawing. Know Hope draws from all aspects of his oeuvre utilizing photographs of installations, ephemera, and natural found elements in nature. Intimate compositions that speak deeply, building a story visually but also utilizing text placed insitu to generate deep contrasts are just some of what make Know Hope one of our generations most sincere voices. His ability to sense and be sincere through his art, even when placed behind glass in a frame is why you need to make sure you go witness his latest exhibition in Paris. You wont be sorry.


Water Takes the Shape of its Container exhibition presents some twenty previously unseen pieces, assemblages of paper, wood and photographs, and an installation. This installation portrays a collective situation, taking the form of a pile of colored tree stumps, and showing representations of each component of that collective situation. In this way, each piece is insight to a personal narrative, a visual representation of the individual situation, that exists within the collective.


For Know Hope, art is above all there to remind people of their humanity. Know Hope shows “a portrayal of political juxtapositions, alongside emotional conditions, showing correlations, similarities, coexistence/dependence etc..By perceiving political situations as emotional mechanisms, not only does it broaden the discussion, but allows it to take place intuitively. Our intuitions are political compasses, and a political situation has immense effect on our emotional state and capabilities, the humanness that we recognize/don’t recognize in each other, hence the title Water Takes the Shape of its Container.”