This artist feature is long overdue. Its hard to explain why we have waited this long to feature the work of Eko. It might have something to do with the humble and reserved nature of Eko. Painting isn’t always about the fame for some artists. There are artists like Eko that prefer going under the radar, as much as they enjoy painting alone in solitude with only their thoughts and ideas. Eko is a master graffiti artist who is in a class of his own.

A graffiti artist who is influenced outside the traditional New York school of writing, yet he remains letter based. His work is abstract, yet representational. Utilizing geometry, color placement, negative space, composition and the environment Eko seems to be inspired by aesthetics as a whole. Some might confuse Eko’s work as street art rather than graffiti. We see a new type of graffiti artist who is able to work within letter based form, yet not bound to it. Working and painting mostly in abandoned areas Eko is able to create amazing In situ paintings. His paintings might change or enhance the landscape they are painted, but they do not destroy it. One of the interesting aspects of Eko is his strong dedication to painting these walls In situ. Looking over his work, you could easily see his paintings transfering to canvas or within a gallery setting. Eko seems to prefer the walls of abandoned environments for now. We hope at some point he will archive some of these amazing pieces on canvas, till then we must hope to stumble upon one in its natural environment the streets.