EIN WANDBLATT AUS WIEN_ 3 5 0 0 from wandblatt on Vimeo.

Austrian artists Knarf, Mafia, and Fresh Max teamed up over to paint “3500”, which gets its name from the 3500 Sq/M building they painted. The project was painted over 100 days using over 800 liters of paint. A massive undertaking that was documented in video as well as a limited edition zine. The zine will be available here. Great film and a remarkable example of an abstract yet illustrative aesthetic.


FRESH MAX, MAFIA and KNARF spent the last 3 months working
on a 3500 square meter wall complex near Vienna.

On the 24th january 2014 they will release their newest publication called ” 3 5 0 0 ”
which documents the progress of the project, sketches and the entire painted building

you can watch the preview here: http://issuu.com/wandblatt/docs/3500_preview_v_2/1

and preorder here: wandblatt.bigcartel.com/product/3500

if you are in Vienna and want to grab a copy come to the Academie of fine arts | 1010vienna | room e12 on 24-26th january