Installation Collaboration with Graphic Surgery Amsterdam

Print 7, Print 8, Print 9

Derek Bruno, Wood and Graphic Surgery

“The Flat one, The Big one, The Column one, The Hanging one” Collaboration with Clemens Behr and Raby Fofana Berlin

Exterior Installation Study in Transparency 1 Luca IT

Exterior Sculpture in Orange Art on the Beltline Atlanta GA



We posted some walls from Derek Bruno‘s recent European trip a couple of months back, he has just updated his website with a recap of installations and murals during his travels over the summer. He also put together a video recap “A Formal introduction to Europe” that we also share with you. Aside from the huge update on the site Derek also released a new series of prints in between all this that are available here. Overall a large and impressive body of work is shared here and on the website update. Derek was able to travel and collaborate with Graphic Surgery, Moneyless, Clemens Behr and more during his trip. Installations, outdoor, indoor, murals, Derek was able to do it all. The new sculpture pieces are documented as Gif’s enabling you to be able to get a more realistic experience viewing them online. We really like the simple yet effective installation in nature “Study in Transparency. What we have been waiting to see for awhile where the final shots of his collaboration with Clemens Behr and Raby Fofana, they did not disappoint. If there were more of a contrast in artists yet a strong string that binds them is Derek and Clemens. Their collaboration in Berlin was amazing, being able to see these types of collaborations take place amongst today’s contemporaries is not only great for fans of both artists, but also important for the international conversation we have all started with each other. Great new work we look forward to seeing what Derek does next as he has a 3 man exhibition with fellow transcend Members Kofie, and Joker at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland so stay tuned.