Horfe exhibited recently at Galerie Celal in a solo exhibition titled “Hard Comix”. Horfe has  had a presence on the streets of Paris for some time now. His immense body of work is seen in the city as soon as you arrive. His fast paced and loose style has enabled Horfe to paint with a direct and swift style built for more speed than finesse. Although based in France Horfe has made his presence felt around the world. With viral nature of social media, Paris to San Francisco is closer than it used to be. In his 2nd solo exhibition at Gallerie Celal, Horfe expands on his past work in Hard Comix. Drawing upon his experiences in the streets Horfe tackles the idea of reflection and illustration. Horfe’s new body of work continues to evolve as he takes his illustrative influences farther into abstraction. He paints with intent, rarely wasting brushstrokes. This undoubtedly is a direct result of his need to paint rapid and efficient in the streets. Hard Comix is an amazing body of work, one that showcases Horfe’s brilliance as not only a painter but as an unfiltered illustrator of his personal actuality. The chaotic, intertwining, motion of paint is always captured with the artists rendering. Through bold strokes, Horfe captures moments within uncontrolled drips and broad brushstrokes. Abstract forms are turned into scenes resembling comic based aesthetics. So much contradiction, yet so much continuity. As Horfe continues to build his aesthetic we are sure he is just scratching the surface. Make sure you get to Gallerie Celal to see Hard Comix, this is a must attend exhibit.


All pictures courtesy Sonerd.com