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Recap Felipe Pantone Solo Exhibition "PERPETUUM MOBILE" at STUDIO55 TOKYO

Recap Felipe Pantone Solo Exhibition “PERPETUUM MOBILE” at STUDIO55 TOKYO

  Felipe Pantone made his Tokyo debut with “Perpetuum Mobile” at Studio55. An ambitious effort with work ranging from sculptural installation, work on paper, wall paintings, and mix media pieces Pantone established a mixture of mediums. The title and concept references the elusive perpetuum mobile or Perpetual Motion described as “motion that continues indefinitely without...
Artist Feature Pantone UB

Artist Feature Pantone UB

  We have been watching the work of Spanish artist Pantone for a minute now. A respected graffiti writer from Valencia with a distinct style Pantone has made his presence known for some time. Whether its traditional graffiti, fine art installations, canvases, trains or design Pantone brings his unique version of style. When speaking about...