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Pener Velvet, and Zoer "Vertical Farming"

Pener Velvet, and Zoer “Vertical Farming”

Pener Velvet and Zoer teamed up recently for this massive mural loosely titled “Vertical Farming”. The Mural was painted in Turek, Poland, as Poland continues to push the medium through large scale murals. Vertical Farming references the architechural elements of Pener’s work while mixing in the realist work of Velvet and Zoer. A beautiful collaboration...
Robert "Tone" Proch "Modern Man" SCABB Festival Mural

Robert “Tone” Proch “Modern Man” SCABB Festival Mural

  Poland definitely seems to be a hotspot as of late. With a core of talented artists creating some of today’s best murals Poland is making its mark on the scene. Here is a new wall from the talented Robert “Tone” Proch. This mural “Modern Man” was painted this week as part of the SCABB...