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Mural Update El Mac, Kwest and Stare "To the Future"

Mural Update El Mac, Kwest and Stare “To the Future”

El Mac Recently finished this mural last week painted in collaboration with Canadian painters Kwest and Stare. We know the images have surfaced but figured it would be best to get a full set before posting. El Mac also released this statement about the mural below that explains in detail about the project. Another impressive...
Askew "Nekst Tribute" in Detroit

Askew “Nekst Tribute” in Detroit

Askew painted this portrait in tribute to fellow crew member Nekst in Detroit. Here is was he had to say below about the portrait. GF “Today I just finished this tribute to my friend Nekst in Detroit. Pose suggested this photo that KC Ortiz took as the basis for the work and I also incorporated...
Walls Update Askew "Ralph Hotere" Tribute Portrait

Walls Update Askew “Ralph Hotere” Tribute Portrait

Askew has been pushing himself into new territory as of late with his move into portraits and font based work. This break from his traditional graffiti work is another vein of important aesthetics for the artist. Being able to transition between styles has allowed Askew to pay tribute in his latest mural to Ralph Hotere...
Part2ism Tribute to Graffiti Legend Rammellzee

Part2ism Tribute to Graffiti Legend Rammellzee Check out this Tribute by Part2ism for Graffiti Legend Rammellzee. Photos by Feathers courtesy of Part2ism Myspace