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Jens Besser "Trains of Infinity"

Jens Besser “Trains of Infinity”

Here is an update of new work from Jens Besser. We recently featured his 5-minutes video awhile back. We came across these new images on his Flickr and thought we would share them with you. The work revolves around the theme “Trains of Infinity” which was also the inspiration of a recent exhibition here. Jens...
Review and Video MOSES & TAPS™, 'TOPSPRAYER EXPRESS™' Exhibition video at Ruttkowski 68

Review and Video MOSES & TAPS™, ‘TOPSPRAYER EXPRESS™’ Exhibition video at Ruttkowski 68

MOSES & TAPS™, ‘TOPSPRAYER EXPRESS™’, exhibition video (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/ Germany) from Ruttkowski;68 on Vimeo. The more we come to grasp with graffiti entering the gallery setting the more we try to understand its impact in this new setting. With Rutkowski 68‘s new opening Moses & Taps TM “Topsprayer Express” TM furthers this debate, bringing into...
Kenor Italian Tour

Kenor Italian Tour

    Kenor has definitely been busy on a tour through Italy. Enjoy. GF