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Lek Sowat Legz and Roti "Minotaur"  for La Tour Paris 13

Lek Sowat Legz and Roti “Minotaur” for La Tour Paris 13

  Lek, Sowat, Legz, and Roti collaborated together on this extensive insitu installation “Minotaur”. The installation was part of the massive “La Tour Paris 13” project curated and put together by Gallery Itinerrance. A Parisian building was painted by over 100 artists each leaving their mark with murals and installations. This series of photographs were...
"Places and Spaces" Clemens Behr 2011 Video Recap

“Places and Spaces” Clemens Behr 2011 Video Recap

Places and Spaces / Clemens Behr 2011 from Everything and Me on Vimeo. Clemens Behr just released a video recapping his 2011 body of work. Outdoor and indoor installations Clemens Behr punctuates his year with this video. GF
New Update Moneyless Installations and Walls

New Update Moneyless Installations and Walls

Its been awhile since we featured new work from Moneyless so we thought it was about that time. The Italian artist Moneyless has been busy traveling and doing some amazing Insitu installations. With nature as his background and medium, he has been installing flying graffiti pieces. I am really feeling the new works and especially...
Buffdiss and Clemens Behr "Der Kreis"

Buffdiss and Clemens Behr “Der Kreis”

Looks like Buffdiss has been busy recently. Here are pictures of a recent Street Installation with Clemens Behr. I don’t have too much information about the piece, a collaboration between the 2 artists in Berlin loosely revolving around the title Der Kreis, The Circle or Circular. Clemens Behr’s style mixed with Buffdiss seems to flow...
Romi Ghetto Farceur "Anamorphic Writings"

Romi Ghetto Farceur “Anamorphic Writings”

Very nice conceptual Installation from Romi of the Ghetto Farceur crew from France. Known for his colorful futuristic wildstyles, Romi conceptually brings this burner to the basics. Form, space and the line capture a moment in space. I have seen some great installations based on similar concepts using wool, or string but this is the...
Part2ism Signal Test Street Installation

Part2ism Signal Test Street Installation

“When art leaves the frame and the written word leaves the page, not merely the physical frame and page but the frames and pages that assign the categories. A basic disruption of reality itself occurs, the literal realization of art. Success will write apocalypse across the sky” William S. Burroughs – dead city radio The...