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Preview Blo "Dreams have no Titles" Solo Exhibition

Preview Blo “Dreams have no Titles” Solo Exhibition

Blo fresh off his latest Group Exhibition Analog Y opens a new solo exhibition titled “Dreams have no titles” at Madrid’s Swinton Gallery. The new body of work follows his recent exploration in deconstructed and abstract figurative work. Below is the show statement and gives some insight into the concept behind the new exhibition. GF...
Felipe Pantone and Demsky "Ultradinámica"

Felipe Pantone and Demsky “Ultradinámica”

  Sorry we are late on this post but we felt it was important to share it with you even if late. Felipe Pantone and Demsky exhibited new work in November in Valencia Spain. The exhibition “Ultradinámica” referenced a recent manifesto the artists have wrote about their work. The new work was a reference to...
Mural update Nelio and Xuan Alyfe in Somao, Spain

Mural update Nelio and Xuan Alyfe in Somao, Spain

What a great combination of artists Nelio and Xuan Alyfe collaborated on 2 walls in Spain. Here are the results of the collaboration Nelio’s geometric aesthetic blends well with the mystical style of Xuan Alyfe. Both artists have complimented each other perfectly creating an impressive cohesive mural. GF  
Mural Update Borondo

Mural Update Borondo

  Borondo painted his most recent mural in Blanca Spain. The mural depicts 3 figures in what seem like a reference to the 3 graces but when you look closer you see faceless figures representing a larger demographic. As the figures seem to dance or turn in a closed circle so to is the reference...
Limited Edition Print Release Kenor "Tranceforms" with 1XRUN

Limited Edition Print Release Kenor “Tranceforms” with 1XRUN

Kenor dropped this print last week as part of our ongoing Graffuturism series with 1XRUN. Sorry we were on vacation last week and werent able to post it up. Luckily there are still a couple prints left here. Kenor is the latest in a series of print releases with 1XRUN that we have been helping...
Video "Time wastes for nobody" feat. Ripo and She One by Pablo Aravena

Video “Time wastes for nobody” feat. Ripo and She One by Pablo Aravena

Time wastes for nobody – feat. Ripo and She One – A short film by Pablo Aravena from Pablo Aravena on Vimeo. Pablo Aravena shot a this short film about painting letter and abstract graffiti in an abandoned factory near Barcelona. The film features She one and Max Ripo in the process of painting. She...
Video FRANK151 Leaders Jordi Rubio Montana Colors Interview

Video FRANK151 Leaders Jordi Rubio Montana Colors Interview

Really nice video from Frank 151. The video features an interview conversation with Montana Colors founder Jordi Rubio. We especially like were Rubio talks about the nature and power of graffiti. Great video. GF
Debens "Building Hope" Mural

Debens “Building Hope” Mural

Debens a talented Spanish artist recently finished this mural “Building Hope” in Barcelona. The artist describes the mural. “Building Hope” is a geometric-abstract mural that represents the building-up to the future, articulating forms, colors and adding perspectives. The order of composition its right to left, looking forward, to the future. The forms try to adapt...
New Mural Kenor Catalunya Spain

New Mural Kenor Catalunya Spain

Check out this massive new Mural by Kenor. The mural was painted recently as part of the FAHR Festival of Street art in Catalunya Spain. It is impressive to watch todays artists move into large scale walls. We are approaching a point where these murals are becoming more than paintings. We are seeing the scale...
Kenor "Floating Points" Video

Kenor “Floating Points” Video

  KENOR ”Floating Points” 29_03_2012 from kenor on Vimeo.     Spanish artist Kenor just released this short video “Floating Points” which shows the artist painting. Kenor keys on the movement and immediacy of his linework. One motion marks made in a moment. Below is his statement on the project.   GF   “Floating Points:...
How and Nosm "Achtung" Recap at Known Gallery

How and Nosm “Achtung” Recap at Known Gallery

    We knew a moment like this was coming for the twin Duo that is How and Nosm. A defining moment, How and Nosm’s show titled “Achtung” took place at Known gallery last week. It is hard to say anymore than we have already said about the twins as we have written many times...
Kenor Update

Kenor Update

Here is an update of walls and some bonus Metal from Spanish artist Kenor. Kenor recently finished a massive wall in Lodz Poland as part of the URBAN FORMS GALLERY Project. Kenor also send us some bonus footage of some walls and other recent projects. We love that artists like Kenor are still out there....