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Video Honet "Initiation to Fantastic Realism" at Ruttkowski 68

Video Honet “Initiation to Fantastic Realism” at Ruttkowski 68

Honet, ‘Initiation to Fantastic Realism’ (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/Germany) from Ruttkowski;68 on Vimeo. Honet recently exhibited at Ruttkowski 68. The solo exhibition titled “Initiation to Fantastic Realism” focused on a illustrating and developing personal experiences through his travels and adventures as a graffiti artist. Graffiti art has been Honet’s reality, and with the exhibition Honet reflects on...
Hendrik ECB Beikirch "Transsib Greyhound" at Ruttkowski 68

Hendrik ECB Beikirch “Transsib Greyhound” at Ruttkowski 68

Hendrik ECB Beikirch opened his latest exhibition of new work last night in Cologne Germany. Ruttkowski 68 once again showcases another important and top contemporary. Hendrick also painted a new Mural previous to the exhibition. The exhibition titled “Transsib Greyhound” is a reference to travels in Russia and America. During his travels on the Railways...
Exhibition Pics Zedz "Plan Ma-tic" at Ruttkowski68

Exhibition Pics Zedz “Plan Ma-tic” at Ruttkowski68

Zedz at Ruttkowski68 from Ruttkowski;68 on Vimeo. If you are in Germany make sure to check out Zedz new Exhibition “Plan Ma-tic” at Gallery Ruttkowski68. Here are some preview images from some of the work that will be on display. If you haven’t read out interview with Zedz you can do so here. Zedz is...