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Final Recap Doze Green "New Works" #Graffuturismparis at Openspace Galerie

Final Recap Doze Green “New Works” #Graffuturismparis at Openspace Galerie

Doze’s solo exhibition will be closing this week and we figured it was a good time to show you a recap of the exhibition as well as remind you that you can still see the show before it ends July 31st. The exhibition was a huge success reintroducing Doze to Paris with a bang. With...
Mare 139 Interview & Bboy Series Feature

Mare 139 Interview & Bboy Series Feature

When we talk about Living Legends, or Kings in our culture many names come up from different generations. From the origins of the 70’s to the 80’s and even now new legends from new era’s take their place upon our history. Many of our original kings have passed recently and it is important we take...