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Retna Print Release "Eastern Realm" with 13 Press

Retna Print Release “Eastern Realm” with 13 Press

Photo Credit Greg Bojorquez   Retna will release his latest limited edition serigraph print today at 12 Pacific standard time. If you plan to get one you better be fast because this is a guarantee sell out within the first minute. 13 Press has started strong over the past couple months dropping prints from some...
Video Smogtown presents "Alphabet Soup" Group exhibition Recap

Video Smogtown presents “Alphabet Soup” Group exhibition Recap

Los Angeles has a deep history with graffiti and the letter form. You could say this tradition parallels and argue predates other historical graffiti. Los Angeles letterform has a long tradition dating back the 40’s when gangs would use brushes instead of spray paint to mark their neighborhoods. Chaz Bjorquez one of the artists in...
Retna Bowery and Houston NYC New mural Installation

Retna Bowery and Houston NYC New mural Installation

Here are some amazing progress photos of Retna during his recent Installation at the now famous Bowery and Houston wall in New York courtesy of ClamsRockefeller. Retna continues his momentum and rise as he paints yet another large scale installation. Retna joins a long list of artists that have graced this wall. It is only...
Illegally buffed Saber Rime Revok Retna Norm Os Gemeos Mural

Illegally buffed Saber Rime Revok Retna Norm Os Gemeos Mural

I dont usually get into the news blog hype and Street Art Jerk off sessions that most of the Art Blogs are involved in. Today is an exception, as i continue to read and see post after post about Deitch Safest Show on Earth poster, I just couldn’t let this one go. I stated yesterday...
Video Vox Humana : Kofie : Retna : Mear One : El Mac :

Video Vox Humana : Kofie : Retna : Mear One : El Mac :

Peep this Video From Last Years Show Vox Humana show. Put together LA Art Machine featuring the artists Mear One, Augustine Kofie, Retna, El Mac. All pics courtesy of LA Art Machines Flickr

Retna Solo Show Silver Lining Primary Flight Art Basel 2010

I had the pleasure of making it out to the opening of Retna’s new show Silver Lining held in Miami’s Design district for Primary Flight. I have watched Retna’s work evolve for over a decade now, and to see him reach the prestige and recognition that he has gives me hope that the Art world...

Marco Pho Grassi Retna The Mac & Kofie Art Basel Volta 6

What a great Lineup featured in some live painting for Art Basel at Volta 6. Marco Pho Grassi, Retna, The Mac, and Kofie getting down in Switzerland. Love to see talented artists like these guys be able to get out there internationally pushing their Art to new levels and helping to broaden our Medium. Its...