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Preview #Amajorminority Group Exhibition at 1 AM Gallery SF

Preview #Amajorminority Group Exhibition at 1 AM Gallery SF

Basik CT Thomas Bestvina Proembrion Pener Will Barras Poesia Zmogk Hellbent Collin Van Der Sluijs Etnik Autone Okuda Aske Shie Moreno Thierry Furger Does   When I fist curated the #amajorminority exhibition at 1 am gallery we invited over 100 artists to come together and showcase a new direction in contemporary art, with the attached...
Krzysztof "Proembrion" Syruć for Oskar Hansen "Open Form" Barcelona

Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć for Oskar Hansen “Open Form” Barcelona

Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć participated in a design production of Oskar Hansen’s ‘Open Form’ exhibition in MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporari de Barcelona). The opening was 10th of june and featured new work and installations from the artist. Here is a quote about his portion of the project. “I’ve done a part, that is the reconstruction and...
Proembrion Mural "Exuberant" F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion Mural “Exuberant” F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion continues to push the envelope with his digitally inspired murals. “Exuberant” proves to be a massive explosion of color and digital traces that pass in between the real and digital world. The mural painted for the Frame Festival was also documented by a time lapse video that you can view above. GF
Mural Update "Sketchmate Off" Aris, Corn79, Giorgio Bartocci, G-Loois, Proembrion, and Romi

Mural Update “Sketchmate Off” Aris, Corn79, Giorgio Bartocci, G-Loois, Proembrion, and Romi

  Italian Urban Art Festival Sketchmate Off took place last week featuring murals from local Italian artists Corn79,Aris, Giorgio Bartocci and G-Loois collaborating with other international artists Romi (FR), and Proembrion (PL). Here are some of the walls painted by the artists taking place in the festival. It is great to see a mixture of...
Mural Update Proembrion 'Modular Sequence'

Mural Update Proembrion ‘Modular Sequence’

Proembrion continues to experiment with Glitch and experimental abstract compositions based on manipulating numbers and digital sequences. In his most recent mural “Modular Sequence” Proembrion captures in analog one of these digital experiments. In the artists words “The 64×64 pixel composition was selected from the results of crossing variations of simple images. The RGB-Colored Modular...
Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć "Transition" Urban Forms Lodz

Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć “Transition” Urban Forms Lodz

  I have been waiting patiently to see the finished photo’s from Proembrion‘s finished piece “Transition” for what feels like forever. We were blessed with a full inbox of edited pictures of what I have to say is Proembrion’s most ambitious mural to date. Painted in Lodz Poland as part of the organization Urban Forms...
PL Group Show at 44309 Gallery

PL Group Show at 44309 Gallery

Nawer Sepe Pener Proembrion Chazme Proembrion and Pener Mural   44309 Gallery in Dortmund Germany hosted a group exhibition titled “PL Group Show” last week. The show self titled for the inclusion of 5 polish artists Chazme, Nawer, Pener, Proembrion, and Sepe. Poland has been a hotbed of rising talent lately and this group exhibition...
Proembrion at Traffic Design Festival Poland

Proembrion at Traffic Design Festival Poland

  Proembrion one of Poland’s emerging contemporary artists painted his mural for Traffic Design Festival. The mural is based upon one of the artist’s Glitched images. Normally working from a more mathematical formula the artist instead freestyles the mural referencing this particular series from the artist. It is refreshing to see geometrical images used in...
Walls Update Krzysztof "Proembrion" Syruć  Poland

Walls Update Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć Poland

Polish artist Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć is at again, this time with a dynamic approach to a deconstructed wall. The mural which was painted in Central Railway Station in Warsaw is a thing of beauty. Utilizing the surrounding palette yet creating a glitch in the system so to speak. Proembrion’s work is a bit of glitch...
Nawer Promembrion "Cały ten street-art" Group exhibition in Cracow

Nawer Promembrion “Cały ten street-art” Group exhibition in Cracow

‘Cały ten street art’ Art Agenda Nova from studioFILMLOVE on Vimeo. Polish artists Nawer and Proembrion recently participated in a group exhibition “Caly Ten Street Art” in Cracow. Both of the artists showcased some amazing new work as they continue to push the movement forward. Proembrion’s In situ mural installation showcases his talent for painting....
Proembrion Walls Update

Proembrion Walls Update

Diament-Przeniesiony-Jacyndol,Proembrion   Its been awhile since we first featured Polish artist Proembrion. After looking over recent images, It seemed like a perfect time to share them with the site. The polish artists work cannot be defined by one style or genre. His work moves between color, form and gestural movement. It is not always predictable,...
New Wall Graphic Surgery and Proembrion Collaboration

New Wall Graphic Surgery and Proembrion Collaboration

Check out this Collaboration between Proembrion and Graphic Surgery. It is great to see some of our favorite artists getting together and collaborating on a wall. Some serious walls have been taking place recently involving some of our favorite artists, and this is another great combination.These recent collaborative walls have been a welcome surprise. Graphic...