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Robert Proch, Vesod, Sepe and Corn 79 'FRIULI 1976' Gemona Italy

Robert Proch, Vesod, Sepe and Corn 79 ‘FRIULI 1976’ Gemona Italy

Impressive new Mural from Robert Proch, Vesod, Sepe and Corn79 in Italy as part of the ‘FRIULI 1976’ wall / Elementi Sotterrani X project / Gemona (IT). An amazing exhibition of each artists ability to collaborate and bring a uniform and cohesive overall mural concept. GF ‘FRIULI 1976’ wall / Elementi Sotterrani X project /...
Preview Bartek “Pener” Świątecki’ Solo Exhibition "Cosmogramma"

Preview Bartek “Pener” Świątecki’ Solo Exhibition “Cosmogramma”

cosmogramma from bartek Świątecki on Vimeo. Pener Opens a New Solo Exhibition this week “Cosmogramma” at Inoperable Gallery. Pener has been one of Poland’s talented emerging artists working in abstract and deconstructive style. Also being one of the pioneers of Graffuturism, collaborating with a core of Polish artists who have shaped the movement. The new...
Photo Recap Nawer "COLORS IN SHAPESLAND" Tokyo

Photo Recap Nawer “COLORS IN SHAPESLAND” Tokyo

Nawer opened his latest exhibition in Tokyo for “GEISAI∞Infinity​” Project, co-curated by Murakami and Takumi “Kasenyan” Kaseno of the GEISAI executive committee. The exhibition titled “Colors in Shapesland” showcased a new body of work as well as mural installation in the gallery. Nawer was welcomed with open arms to Tokyo selling out the exhibition completely...
Bartek "Pener" Świątecki Wall Update

Bartek “Pener” Świątecki Wall Update

Bartek “Pener” Świątecki visited London recently and was able to install this new mural. The wall is a great transition from the outdoor work to an indoor mural, the indoor murals represents a closer bridge to Pener’s studio work on canvas. Great detail and color transitions create a fluid composition with layers and layers of...
Krzysztof "Proembrion" Syruć for Oskar Hansen "Open Form" Barcelona

Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć for Oskar Hansen “Open Form” Barcelona

Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć participated in a design production of Oskar Hansen’s ‘Open Form’ exhibition in MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporari de Barcelona). The opening was 10th of june and featured new work and installations from the artist. Here is a quote about his portion of the project. “I’ve done a part, that is the reconstruction and...


Seikon exhibited new work at Klub ŻAK in Gdansk Poland. The work self titled “Collages” is a reference to the work exhibited. Working in assemblage and collage Seikon further establishes his geometric influenced work. As is the case with many of the abstract urban artists there is more to the geometry, at first what seems...
PL Group Show at 44309 Gallery

PL Group Show at 44309 Gallery

Nawer Sepe Pener Proembrion Chazme Proembrion and Pener Mural   44309 Gallery in Dortmund Germany hosted a group exhibition titled “PL Group Show” last week. The show self titled for the inclusion of 5 polish artists Chazme, Nawer, Pener, Proembrion, and Sepe. Poland has been a hotbed of rising talent lately and this group exhibition...
Mural Update Sepe and Pener "Swim to Freedom"

Mural Update Sepe and Pener “Swim to Freedom”

  It seems that although Fall approaches artists are still able to get out and paint some walls before winter. Sepe and Pener finished this mural with the help of 5 selected assistants that were prisoners in a local prison. The mural titled “Swim to Freedom” was a concept designed also with ideas and input...
BEZT & PENER "THE HEALER" Street Art Communication Festival

BEZT & PENER “THE HEALER” Street Art Communication Festival

Pener and Bezt from the Etam crew were next up for the Street Art Communication Festival. Another massive mural that juxtaposes representational vs deconstructive geometric elements. Their mural “The Healer” is a collaborative effort that enables each artist to utilize their strengths, Bezt with the figure and Pener with geometric form. The contrasting colors also...
Walls Update Seikon

Walls Update Seikon

Seikon has remained active over the summer, here is a set of new walls from the Polish artist. Working in a geometric non-objective style Seikon continues to push the tradition of geometric influenced subject matter in the realm of urban art. It is a great time to be able watch today’s artist push the boundaries...
Mural Update Seikon

Mural Update Seikon

  Here is a recent Mural from Polish artist Seikon. The black and white mural is painted in Seikon’s geometric pattern over a long ledge. The lengthy horizontal wall lends itself well to an abstract painting reminiscent of past wild style compositions yet modern. Great new mural.   GF
Walls update Nawer in Shoreditch London

Walls update Nawer in Shoreditch London

Nawer was in Shoreditch for a quick wall last week. Here is a set of pictures courtesy of Nawer’s intricate geometry is balanced with a subtle palette accentuated with a nice Fluorescent touch. GF