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Recap Felipe Pantone Solo Exhibition "PERPETUUM MOBILE" at STUDIO55 TOKYO

Recap Felipe Pantone Solo Exhibition “PERPETUUM MOBILE” at STUDIO55 TOKYO

  Felipe Pantone made his Tokyo debut with “Perpetuum Mobile” at Studio55. An ambitious effort with work ranging from sculptural installation, work on paper, wall paintings, and mix media pieces Pantone established a mixture of mediums. The title and concept references the elusive perpetuum mobile or Perpetual Motion described as “motion that continues indefinitely without...
Preview Zoer "Perpetuum Mobile" and Velvet "Zone Autonome" at Openspace Gallery Paris

Preview Zoer “Perpetuum Mobile” and Velvet “Zone Autonome” at Openspace Gallery Paris

Zoer Velvet   We have been looking forward to this show for months and it kicks off 2014 as one of the exhibitions to remember. We were glad to team up with Openspace Gallery Paris as a media partner and get exclusive previews to the exhibition. Zoer and Velvet have spent countless hours putting in...